Heroes Reborn Coming (Very) Soon!

Do you remember Heroes? The series which started back in 2006? I was once a fan of that television series. Well, for the first season at least. I got hooked at once by the concept of ordinary people having super powers. Heroes with abilities, but without costumes and codenames. I remember how I waited every week for each episode for the first two seasons. But while the show had a great start, ratings slowly diminished throughout its run. My interest decreased alongside it so I wasn’t able to watch the last seasons on time. Maybe because I was overwhelmed by the plot that got too big and by many additional characters that were difficult to keep track of. Still, I was thrilled when I discovered that an officemate was also a fan of the series. It’s from him where I borrowed DVDs so I was able to finish the remaining two seasons.

For those who didn’t stay until the end of the series, the last episode was a cliffhanger. Spoiler! Season 4 ended with Claire throwing herself off a Ferris Wheel and revealing her powers to the world. For sometime, I waited for a fifth season. I wanted to find out what happened to Claire. So when I was aimlessly switching TV channels a few weeks ago and saw that they’re airing Heroes on replay, I was overcome with nostalgia. Then I learned that there’s going to be a reboot, Heroes Reborn.

Heroes Reborn Logo

Heroes Reborn logo” by NBC (WP:NFCC#4).
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Heroes Reborn is going to be a 13-episode miniseries and Tim Kring will return as executive producer. Its events will take place after the events of the original Heroes. The show will still be centered on ordinary people with special abilities even though there would be new characters and storylines. But for the fans of the original characters, don’t despair because familiar faces will come back. Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) will return in the entire season while Matt Parkman, Hiro Nakamura, Mohinder Suresh, and a few more will appear as guests in some episodes.

Heroes Reborn Official Trailer

So while waiting for the premiere of Heroes Reborn, I’ll share some of my favorites in the original Heroes and who I want to see in the upcoming Heroes Reborn.

Favorite Heroes Character

I formerly had a crush on Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) but Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) is my favorite. Her ability, rapid cell generation, is just amazing and proved to be very reliable. Claire is adopted by the Bennets and I greatly enjoyed watching episodes about her origins, on how it was revealed that she was monitored for years by The Company. Her relationship with her adoptive family especially with his father Noah Bennet endeared her more to me. On top of that, I usually have a strong fondness for teenage characters who are trying to discover their self and their purpose in life. Haha! Besides, the very catchy phrase “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” is all about trying to protect her. (Too bad Claire Bennet is dead when Heroes Reborn begins, says creator Tim Kring. Whatever happened to saving the cheerleader and her ability?) Aside from her, I also like watching episodes that includes The Haitian. His ability to selectively erase memories is so powerful and had a significant effect in the storyline.

Favorite Heroes Episode

My favorite is season one’s 17th episode titled Company Man. In this episode, Matt and Ted took the Bennet family hostage in their house to find out what Noah knows about their abductions and his research. This lead into an explosion but further damage was prevented because of Claire. I love how this episode conveyed how close the Bennet family is, emphasizing their unity after the hostage. Meanwhile, thru flashbacks, we learned more about Mr. Bennett’s beginning in the Primatech Paper Company. Baby Claire, young Hiro Nakamura and The Haitian were also seen in the past. There’s also another more recent flashback showing Noah trying eyeglasses with Claire. This was the time when he revealed to Claire that she was adopted. At the last part, The Haitian helped Noah with his sacrifice to protect Claire. This is a very emotional scene which shows how much Noah Bennet loves his Claire Bear.

Heroes Reborn Character That I’m Excited to Meet

I choose Tommy Clark. As I have said about Claire, I have a soft spot for teenagers. Especially for an awkward teenager trying to fit in while discovering his self and in this case, his extraordinary ability. His ability to make things and people disappear is both impressive and scary. Also, I already saw Robbie Kay, the actor who portrays him, in Once Upon a Time and he’s pretty good in there.

Returning Heroes Character That I’m Looking Forward to See Again

Everyone! Haha. Okay, I obviously would love to see The Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis) again because he’s one of my favorite characters. I believe that every Heroes episode he was in turned out to be very important in the plot. So I would really want to know how his powers will be valuable (or not) in the lives of the new heroes. I would also like to see the older Micah Sanders (Noah Gray-Cabey). Aside from wanting to see his transformation from a child into a 19-year old, being a technopath is way cool! I would also like to know if he will reprise his role as Rebel.

How about your favorites? Any thoughts about the new series?

Heroes Reborn will premier on September 24, 2015 on NBC. It will also be aired here simultaneously on September 25, 2015 on Fox Philippines and Jack TV.

2 thoughts on “Heroes Reborn Coming (Very) Soon!

  1. This is the perfect time to reboot Heroes on account of the superhero boom on TV and film. Agents of Shield, and Daredevil and Flash and Arrow. Back in 2010, the year where Heroes (and Lost) ended with more like a whimper rather than a bang, ABC did Ordinary Family, which is about, well, a family with superpowers. It only had a one season run before getting axed on account of low ratings. Sometimes timing is everything, that and to make sure the story doesn’t go off in tangents that lead nowhere. Haha.

    I’d love to see Hiro Nakamura do some space-time bending again, and besides he’s adorable. Haha. As for the Heroes Reborn character, Zachary Levi because this seems like a toally different role for him. It’s more bad-ass and less Chuck Bartowski sheepish nerd. And because he’s adorable! Haha.


    • I think the first season of Heroes did great during it’s run because it’s different from other shows that time, because it’s about heroes with super powers. The problem in the succeeding seasons was not really the timing, but the storylines themselves.

      I haven’t seen Hiro Nakamura yet in the first two episodes, but his sword is there, used by Miko Otomo. And let me just say that Miko’s ability is awesome! Maybe I’m biased because it involves RPG games. Hehe!

      P.S. You really love adorable people, don’t you? 😛


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