Movie Dare: The Introduction

Movie Dare 2015 Image

We at WAM decided that our movie watching limits could stand a little stretching. Therefore we would like to introduce Movie Dare 2015. The whole set up is simple. Through random pickings, we each get a name of a fellow WAM contributor whom we shall direct our dare to. The darer may choose any movie and for whatever reason as dare. It can be because you want your daree to experience a genre outside of his comfort zone, or to discover the brilliance of a certain director, or to simply torture him with something that he loathes. We are given two weeks from today to find, watch and write a mini-review of our movie dare. So let the games begin!

Prudence to Fern

The Movie Dare: End of Watch (2012) directed by David Ayer

The Reason/s: I picked End of Watch for Fern because crime is among her least watched genre. And I think End of Watch is a standout crime/buddy cop movie that is a bit under appreciated, it combines great action with heartfelt drama. And well, we have had corrupt cops, insane cops, renegade cops. But in End of Watch we get good cops depicted in the most real and honest way possible. And also because this is part of my Jake Gyllenhaal appreciation campaign. He is in excellent form in this movie.

Fern to Benny

The Movie Dare: Wild Tales (2014) directed by Damián Szifrón

The Reason/s: Every once in a while, we get to watch a movie having no expectations at all and then it blows us away. We leave the cinema, pleased with our good fate, eager to movie-push it to anyone who would care to listen. Just recently, this happened to me in the form of my first Argentinian film titled Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales). It’s an anthology of unrelated short films, only connected by the general theme of showing us how thin the line is between sanity and madness. I grab this opportunity to introduce it to Benny, just because I badly need someone to discuss it with.

Benny to Lily

The Movie Dare: The Thin Red Line (1998) directed by Terrence Malick

The Reason/s: I sincerely believe that this particular movie by Malick, his masterpiece in my opinion, should be made required viewing for the entire human race. The Thin Red Line is less of a movie and more of a contemplation about humanity’s relationship to war. It is infinitely poignant, hallucinatory, and philosophical. It is quite possible that Lily has not seen anything quite like it and my main reason for making her watch this film is that I want to share one of my favorite movies ever with her.

Lily to Bliss

The Movie Dare: The Departed (2006) directed by Martin Scorsese

The Reason/s: Bliss said that she’s not yet exposed to film noir. (So am I!) I think that she could start with The Departed, which is classified as neo-noir, with actors (Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon) she’s familiar with, before delving further into the classics. Besides, she asked for an award-winning film and this won 4 Oscars, including the Best Picture, in 2007.

Bliss to Kitty

The Movie Dare: The Hunt (2012) directed by Thomas Vinterberg

The Reason/s: The Hunt (Jagten) was one of the best Foreign Films I’ve seen last year and Mads Mikkelsen delivered a stellar performance that is pure raw emotions. It affected me mentally, emotionally, and physically and I want Kitty to experience all of that as well.

Kitty to Prudence

The Movie Dare: It Follows (2014) directed by David Robert Mitchell

The Reason/s: I chose to dare Prudence to see It Follows because I’ve read a lot of good reviews for this movie but, upon watching, I found it underwhelming and I want to know if Prudence will find it likewise (or otherwise); also, because I was hoping she’ll watch it on Halloween night and, probably, to force some supernatural horror flick on her (kidding!).

That’s all folks! Hopefully nobody strangles anybody after two weeks!

3 thoughts on “Movie Dare: The Introduction

    • Same here for It Follows. I was lucky the randomizer didn’t pick Kitty to dare me. Haha! ‘Coz that would be a “real” dare and I might have to bribe someone to watch it with me.


    • Hi Allie! It makes me happy to know that you loved End of Watch! That movie is so good. And I am the lucky chap who got It Follows! Haha! I will be talking about my experience in our movie dare results post! (Wasn’t so bad. I had to resort to a few tactics though. Like watching the movie during daytime only, and lowering the volume, and squinting my eyes so as not to get a full view of whatever creepy stuff that’s happening…Hahaha.)


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