Top 5 Anticipated Live-Action Remakes of Animated Disney Movies

Disney seems to be on a roll, cranking out live-action renditions of their old animated movies. Profit-wise, this is a gold mine of an idea, seeing that these animated films already have an established fan base. Nostalgia is a money-maker. Not that Disney needs more money. What with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Pixar, and Star Wars bringing in huge box office numbers every time. Some people are all for live-action remakes. Some are more reluctant, saying that Disney is about to ruin their childhood with sub-par live-action versions that taint the original sources. I, however, am for the former. I do get the reluctance because there have been bad remakes indeed. But I treat all my beloved childhood movies as separate from whatever remake that follows.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 most anticipated live-action remakes of animated Disney movies, in no particular order:

1. Beauty and the Beast
The moment they announced Emma Watson as Belle, I was sold! I didn’t even need to know any other detail, to be honest. But I was thrilled to find that Alan Menken will return to score the film’s music. I am terribly excited to see the musical numbers. Be our guest! Be our guest! Put our service to the test!

2. Dumbo
Tim Burton and Dumbo are two names I never thought I’d see together as a pair. But color me excited! I am guessing this won’t be the adorable Dumbo. And if anyone could do justice to the freaky pink elephant parade scene, it’s good ol’ Tim Burton.

3. The Little Mermaid
The boat was rocked a bit when Sophia Coppola bailed out as director. Purportedly because she wanted an unknown actress to play the part of Ariel. But it’s Chloe Grace Moretz, a not so unknown, who took the part, inferring that Universal has a bigger control as to what direction this movie will take. But I am hoping they’d still pull this one-off, that is, not go all “Pan” on it. It is also important to note that Richard Curtis wrote the script, so yeah, expect a healthy dose of shiny optimism. Perhaps it is reasonable to infer that this will be, more or less, faithful to the source material. And really, I am not immune to the, albeit at times, saccharine stylings of Richard Curtis.

4. Mulan
This is a fairly recent announcement. And no names have been attached to the project save for Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek penning the script about the female warrior, Hua Mulan, from the Chinese legend. But there have been worries about the possibility of Hollywood whitewashing. So yeah, the studio execs will have to tread carefully on this one. But really, if all things fall into place, this will make for a really epic movie. But I am hoping they’d keep the physical comedy intact though, and the music. You know to bounce from comedy to drama and action with the power and grace of Kung Fu? Geez, this is a big movie to take on. So here’s to hoping they’d bring honor to the family, yes?

5. Fantasia
Okay so they are only set to do a live-action version of one of the eight segments of Fantasia, to be specific it’s Night on Bald Mountain. This is the one where the devil Chernobog awakens the spirits of the dead to have a party over at Bald Mountain. This is arguably the cause of a couple of my nightmares as a child. I mean really, why don’t they just remake the one with the cutesy baby Pegasuses, and the sexy centaurs and “centaurettes”, and the chubby cheeked cupids instead? So why put this on this list you say? It’s because I see the potential for a visually grand and arresting phantasmagoria of horror that the live-action version will hold. I am a coward yes, but I do love impressive cinematography. Chernobog’s mile-long bat wings will look grand on the big screen. And if they’d do a 3D version of this, I have a feeling you and your children won’t sleep for days.

How about you? Are you all for live-action versions of beloved Disney movies? What are the ones you are most excited about? Or do you think these reboots are madness? Running the risk of ruining the source material, and possibly your entire childhood?

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Anticipated Live-Action Remakes of Animated Disney Movies

  1. I had no idea that the majority of these had been announced…with the exception of Beauty and the Beast! Emma Watson is going to slay that role, because she’s simply the best at every role she takes.

    Honestly can say I remember zero about Dumbo, except being severely depressed by it. Burton as the director sounds quite eerie and morose.


    • Haha! I can totally see how Dumbo can be depressing! So I guess Tim Burton is a perfect fit after all? And Emma Watson will definitely bring it! She’s just perfect as Belle.


  2. A Mulan live-action film!!! I am definitely sold! I hope they’ll fast-track it, as swift as a coursing river. And I’m crossing my fingers that this one comes out strong, with all the force of a great typhoon and with all the strength of a raging fire! Blah. So, yeah, excited for Mulan. And Beauty and the Beast, too!


    • Mysterious as the dark side of the moon! Weirdly enough, Donny Osmond is the singing voice of Capt. Shang! That bit of trivia got me by surprise. Haha!


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