Review: Suicide Squad (2016)


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You know who’s a better squad than the Suicide Squad? The Warner Bros. Marketing Team. At least their marketing plan doesn’t have holes in them. They created so much early buzz that came theatrical release, despite the less than favorable critic reviews, the movie is pretty much killing in the box office. They got us pumped up, that’s for sure. But for me, movie just doesn’t live up to the hype.

I noticed that there are two squads in this movie, the supervillain squad and the plot holes squad, because the latter came in a battalion. My sister and I, and our logic-loving brains couldn’t stand the many absurdness of the plot that we started creating made-up answers in order to cope. Like maybe the reason why Enchantress inhabited Dr. Moone’s body involuntarily, was because the former has grown bolder and maybe stronger from constant summons from Waller. But, but what about the whole “who has the heart has control” rule? Or maybe the reason why a mere, human-made bomb killed the ancient, powerful demon Incubus was because it wasn’t a mere human-made bomb, but a modified proton pack and ghost trap courtesy of Holtzmann from Ghostbusters. Or maybe the reason why Amanda Waller decided to recruit highly dangerous inmates instead of upstanding metahumans whose moral compass works just fine, is because the former are expendable and controllable, well at least controllable as far as the exploding head app goes. And no, it’s not that she has no clue about the existence of other metahumans besides the criminal ones, she has a very thick “top-secret” file on all of them, heroic and non-heroic alike. And judging from the many times this so-called “top-secret” file made an apperance, it should have had top billing. 

But maybe those contrivances can be deemed as minor? And thus one should just swat them away? Sure. But no amount of rationalization can allow us to wrap our heads around the non-existent logic of having Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad in the first place. We need to be shown a justification commensurate to the risk of having this kind of dangerous team running loose. Instead the squad’s first gig is a paltry extraction mission, and the capture of Enchantress and Incubus was merely something else the team agreed to do while they were at it. What exactly was Waller going to do about these evil ancient sibling demigods with their world domination voodoo portal currently laying waste to a city?

The mission was just absurd. One would say that any superhero movie requires suspension of disbelief. But you can only suspend your disbelief to a certain height before it comes crashing down, wanting some sliver of realism. At one point the character Col. Rick Flag portrayed by Joel Kinnaman said this bit of dialogue: “Needless to say, the whole thing was a bad idea.” And I wonder if the creators were doing the writer’s trick called “hanging a lantern”, that is, calling attention to inconsistencies by having a character notice said inconsistencies. It’s like saying we deliberately put those bad ideas in there puddin’. But deliberate or not, we need better stories from the DC Extended Universe.

And no, not even the action sequences are particularly stellar. But Suicide Squad has a lighter atmosphere than all the other DC superhero movies that came before it, and for that I am glad. And they truly hit it big with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn who steals every scene she’s in, and has absolutely the best and funniest lines in the movie, delivered in perfect madcap Harley Quinn fashion. And for her alone, I think this movie is still worth the price of admission.

3/5 Stars

8 thoughts on “Review: Suicide Squad (2016)

    • Right! Overhyped indeed! They started releasing character posters bit by bit, and then the various trailers came trickling in, not to mention the news about Jared Leto’s method acting, and his weird gifts for his cast mates. Ah well, it got people coming in through those cinema doors though, so its a win for Warner Bros.

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  1. Nice review! It was super disappointing how hyped up Suicide Squad was. I honestly didn’t mind the movie so much until Amanda’s mission of using the squad is completely ignored because she just needs to get saved by Enchantress’ wrath. If that portion of the story had been tamed, it would’ve been a lot better. :/

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    • Hi Katy! I know right? The mission was absolute bull. And I really had high hopes for this movie, not only because they properly hyped us all up, but I thought David Ayer was a great choice on DC’s part, that he would bring something different to the table. His End of Watch was a great film.


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