Happy Second Anniversary What About Movies!

Yesterday was our Anniversary! I forgot about it actually and only realized it now. Psh. But beter late than never!

So how about that? We are two years old! We aren’t really revolutionary as far as movie blogs go. Well, when we started this blog, I don’t think revolutionary was our goal in the first place. More like a place where we could celebrate (and bitch and whine) about movies with other movie-loving humans (or aliens, or A.I.s. We don’t discriminate) And I do think we have achieved that. Although as sad as it is for me to admit, this second year has been awfully quiet compared to the first. A sophomore slump, if you will. This blog could really be more active. But it is what it is. We write when we can, or when our brains can cough up anything remotely worth writing down.

So yeah, to all of the lovely people who read, lurk and comment. We are terribly grateful! Also, unlurk when you can! But I get it. I am mostly a lurker, myself. (But still, unlurk when you can guys!) And really, we have found many amazing bloggers who made us discover fantastic movies (or help us avoid falling into traps!). And I just love the discussion that comes with varying opinions, it adds another layer to the movie watching experience.

I had bigger plans for this post, but...insert excuses here…So yeah, this quick shout out will have to do!

So here’s to another year of great films! And TV!

Also how freaking bonkers was that last Game of Thrones 7 episode?

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