Top Ten Movies of 2017

Sometime during the first few days of December, I realized two things:

1.  I haven’t been updating my Letterboxd account which gave me a panic attack, thankfully one that is short enough for me to properly sit down and recall, from my already terrible memory, the movies I have watched since my last log in activity.

2. I have seen a disappointingly low number of movies so far. Sob.

On the upside, this realization caused me to do a mad dash towards the finish line by cramming in as more movies in a couple of weeks time. But alas, there’s just too many movies and too finite human energy. In short, I ran out of time. Now, I should really stop with the griping and move on to the list!

10. Logan – Don’t get me wrong, I love me some superhero spectacle, but Logan shows us that you can make a superhero movie without it. Or better yet make a superhero movie that can be just considered as a plain old good movie that can dig deeper than smash em ups and fisticuffs.

9. Blade Runner 2049 –  A perfect follow-up to the original Blade Runner, 35 years later. It captures the spirit of the old film without it being a complete rehash. And true to Blade Runner form we get more questions on top of questions…like tears in the rain. I. cannot. stop. myself.

8. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore – A Netflix offering that took me by surprise. It has a Coen Bros. vibe to it, and the existential dread-ist and Coen fangirl in me ate this movie up.

7. Mudbound – I learned a lot about race this year, in books and movies both. And Mudbound somehow brought it home for me by showing me how deeply entrenched racism actually is. It’s like mud, it’s everywhere and it clings to people’s skin and never washes away. And this is painfully true. It’s been roughly 70 goddamned years from 1940s Mississippi and yet this is still happening.

6. Patti Cake$ – It’s true you’ve seen this underdog story many times before. But this is my kind of sappy movie. I was feeling particularly Grinch-ful at the time that I saw this, and let’s just say it made my heart grow three times as big, after.

5. Get Out – A smart, terrifying and unique gem of a movie that proves that nothing is more horrifying than false, race liberalism. This is not like anything I’ve seen before.

4. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) – A family tale that is both ridiculous and touching. I wasn’t expecting the emotions to be this raw. Not with Baumbach film. And it’s Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller at their finest.

3. Columbus – John Cho and Haley-Lu Richardson make for an unusual pairing that brilliantly works. Columbus is a wonderful character study as well as a tribute to the beautiful architectural wonder that is the town of Columbus. This film came as a complete surprise to me.

2. Lady Macbeth – You start out rooting for the protagonist to win against the male oppressors, only to find, as the movie progresses, to be utterly repelled by her. With a body count that could rival A Game of Thrones, people drop like flies here, and no, certainly not of natural causes. Shakespeare would be proud.

1. Dunkirk – Every Christopher Nolan movie I see is just a whole new kind of movie-watching experience. Dunkirk is no exception. It is intense, breathtaking, epic, triumphant, sad, painful. In short, it is as every bit a Christopher Nolan film and more.

Other notable films of 2017:  The Big Sick, Call Me By Your Name, Detroit, Okja, To The Bone, Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, Thor: Ragnarok, Ingrid Goes West.

I would definitely say that 2017 was an awesome year for movies! And I still have lots more left to see! I am particularly curious about A Ghost Story, Lady Bird, The Florida Project, Brigsby Bear, and just a whole bunch more really. I mean I can, and will, still go see them, despite having published this list, because that’s what we do! So onwards and upwards! Ugh. Makes no sense I know.

Do tell me about your own top movies of 2017! Perhaps something that I can add to my watch list. Okay, my watchlist is overstuffed but I am willing to bump sh** off upon your recommendation. I am a traitor that way. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Movies of 2017

  1. I love Blade Runner 2049 and Baby Driver. I recommend you watch Bad Genius and Coco, if you haven’t yet. I missed Logan and Dunkirk in the cinemas. But will definitely watch them if already possible.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Done and done. Coco is actually already on my list. So I will just be adding in Bad Genius. I was quite surprised myself for making a war film my number one movie of the year, but Christopher Nolan made it so so visceral. It was a pretty intense movie watching experience. 🙂 And I know you love the X-Men, so you need to get to Logan asap. (And since you’re a fan of movie themed movies, I think you will enjoy Patti Cake$)


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