Mini Reviews #10: Everything, Everything, The Girl With All The Gifts, and Power Rangers

Everything, Everything (2017)


I will definitely file Everything, Everything under the unrealistic teen romance category. Cliches and montages abound, along with dialogues like: “I loved you even before I knew you”. I mean do you know a real person that says things like that? But I do know that teens are not that daft as to not recognize “unrealistic love” when they see one. At least, I hope they aren’t. So yeah, consider this your High Schmaltz Alert Warning.

I admit, the two leads Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) and Olly (Nick Robinson) have excellent chemistry and are really charming as hell. And they both gave such an honest acting performance. And the film is a visual stunner. There are these whimsical, dream sequences where Maddy (who has genetic disorder called SCID aka the bubble baby disease which means she is extremely vulnerable to infectious diseases; even something as common as the common cold can have devastating effects on her immune system; henceforth she cannot venture outside her HEPA filtered home) imagines her flirty texting with Olly as a real face to face encounter inside the architectural models she is so fond of making. And the presence of the astronaut (she likes to include them in all her models as a personal touch) also comes to life along with them and the building. And the set design, and the color scheme, are all quite beautiful to look at. Maddy’s modern, space house is officially my dream house.

But I guess I am too much of an old bat to fully appreciate a film like this. I am going to have to leave this to the youngsters.

Rating: 2/5 Stars

The Girl With All The Gifts (2016)


There have been so many zombie apocalypse movies and The Girl With All The Gifts is well, not that different, at least not really by much. But in fairness to the movie, it kept me riveted the whole time. Largely buoyed by the performances of a great cast, notable among which is the young Sennia Nanua as the zombie-hybrid, Melanie who unlike her peers is smart, and charming and affectionate. But it’s the ethical dilemmas that the movie presents is what I loved the most. In most of the zombie films I’ve seen, it is quite easy to put a spear into a zombie brain, but when you find yourself face to face with a zombie-human hybrid, one that talks and walks and feels like your son or daughter, things start to get just a little bit complicated. And the tension grows as we, the audience try to figure out whether this kid, Melanie, is a monster to be feared of, or a little urchin to be loved.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Power Rangers (2017)


I wonder how this would have turned out if Taika Waititi directed it? Heck, I ask that of every movie I see. And Power Rangers could have really used someone like Taika Waititi because while it is loud and bright and over the top, it is not Taika Waititi’s funny, entertaining, loud, bright and over the top. It’s more like the generic, unexceptional kind of loud, bright and over the top. And the five kids outside of their Ranger suits resemble your run of the mill high schooler from a CW show. Except maybe for Billy (Blue Ranger), who made this film a little more interesting. And the whole hoopla surrounding Yellow Ranger as the first ever gay superhero was not quite as monumental in the movie as I’d thought it would be. But I know it’s still definitely a step in the right direction because way back then, a gay superhero would have never been considered, not even on paper. But my absolute favorite is Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa because she is doing what Cate Blanchett did as Hella. To chew the scenery in the most fantabulous of ways.

But my true beef with this movie is that it likes to take its time. Like really a lot of time…in everything. I adore training montages, but geez this went on forever, so much so, that when the five kids finally morphed into Rangers, fancy armor and all, my excitement has long fizzled out along with that hundredth, rock creature hologram’s ass they had to kick. Ad when they finally took out their Zords, and if you know me, I was (maybe still am) obsessed with those Zords. Because who doesn’t love a pink pterodactyl? But boy, I was too dead-eyed from all the waiting. And you know what’s even longer? That Megazord fight. It kept going and going and going. Apparently they don’t know this thing called “editing”. And to be honest, the combat scenes were a drag and a let down. I am not looking for anything too fancy schmancy, but a few roundhouse kicks would have been nice, or a one inch punch ala Bruce Lee.

Although I appreciate Power Rangers for sending a positive message of friendship, acceptance and kindness, I just can’t overlook all of its faults, for which it has plenty.  Sadly, this movie runs more on nostalgia more than anything else.

Now, whose up for a Captain Planet movie remake?

Rating: 2/5 Stars

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