TV Review: Queer Eye (2018)


Soooo I just gobbled up the entire first season of Netflix’s Queer Eye. And I now have been saying things like: “Yaaas Queen”, “Ferosh”, “GORJ”, and “Can You Belive?!” I don’t think I have ever been this obsessed with a reality TV show since Survivor: All Stars circa 2003. And just so you know, Netflix’s Queer Eye is a reboot of the old Bravo TV series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, also circa 2003, where five gay guys (aka the Fab 5) coach a straight man in matters of food, grooming, fashion, interior design and culture. In short, it was a makeover show.

So is this reboot essentially much of the same, only with a different Fab 5? Yes and No. Yes, because it is, for all intents and purposes, still a makeover show. And no because you will notice that they scratched out “For the Straight Guy” in the title which means they come and help both gay men and straight men. And this time instead of New York, it is set in Atlanta Georgia, a place that is a lot more conservative, or so I’m told.

Now when this reboot was released the cast and creators were pretty much hinting at how revolutionary this show is, how socially relevant, how progressive. Okay, I understand that these claims are a teensy bit exaggerated. It is after all, a makeover show, meant to entertain, first and foremost. And one can say that stories feel staged and may have gone through some degree of manipulative editing. And of course, they probably have writers that lay down the “script” of each episode. So yeah, you can tell that they kind of still pretty much tailor this show to be palatable to straight people to a certain extent. And even though I love the fact that The Fab 5, are now more diverse, with two gay men of color; and personalities that range from the bubbly and bouncy Jonathan to the somewhat shy and quite Antoni. Okay, I know I am in no way an authority in gender identity, but I can’t help but think that they are still a very specific set of gay men. and I sometimes think about whether or not the casting call included lesbians, or trans etc. So, I acknowledge that it is a bit too much to say that this show makes a considerable dent on racial prejudice, male chauvinism, gender identity etc.

BUT! I think this show comes from a good place. Hence, I say this does more good than harm. For one, the Fab 5 open themselves up to the people they help. They tell them about their lives and loves and struggles, and vice versa. This reboot is a lot more open and personal,  perhaps simply because this is a different period in time, a time where gay people have been portrayed in a positive light in movies and TV, and with more frequency.  But still, I count that as a plus, a step in the right direction.

Anyhu, like I said, this a show meant to entertain, and when it comes to entertainment,  the Fab 5 are a fun, silly bunch! Now, I know everybody’s into food and wine guy, Antoni Porowski, and his baby John Mayer good looks.  But It is Jonathan Van Ness that I am properly obsessed with. I mean, I marathoned all of his Gay of Thrones comedy videos (guys, go watch this over at Funny or Die! You don’t even have to be GoT fans to appreciate this!) I cannot believe I only found out about this now. And in my obsessive state, I also stumbled upon his podcast called Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness in which he talks about anything and everything that piques his curiosity. JVN is Queen!

Okay so progressiveness aside, Queer Eye is my absolute best comfort show to watch. I think this show exudes nothing but warmth and kindness and love. And for that I say this show is all sorts of ferosh!

Rating: 3.5/5 Ferosh Stars

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