Review: Ocean’s 8 (2018)

My sister and I had long been excited for Ocean’s 8 because let’s face it, an all-female ensemble heist movie doesn’t get made very often. Heck, an all-female anything in Hollywood are few and far between despite the obvious fact that a lot of female-fronted films have been successful in the box office.

Anyway, yesterday was the day we went to see it, and my nephew wanted to come with. Now, my lovely sister, bless her heart, felt compelled to make a disclaimer, telling her son that this was a movie with all girls in it. But nephew, bless his young heart, couldn’t care less. He said that he wanted to see a fun heist movie, and this looks like one. And I love him for that. I know my sister didn’t mean anything by it. And we are fighting against a very long, complicated history when it comes to gender roles. And we still appropriate certain behavior and activities as for guys and others as for girls. And that means movies with girls in it are meant for girls and Reservoir Dogs are meant for guys.

Anywaaaay, what I am saying is, thank god for woke nephews and for Ocean’s 8 and I hope there will be more female ensemble films to come because people will come see it if it is good, regardles  of whether it is female-fronted or not!


Now onto the review!

The good news:

  • Fun, playful and light-hearted caper that absolutely anyone will enjoy
  • The 8 ladies have great chemistry
  • Each of the ladies (as individuals) were given their chance to shine and you won’t feel like someone is being left out
  • Cate Blanchett being all gorgeous, you guys!  I mean that pantsuit! (On a sidenote, in a non stalkerish way, I watched a bunch of her press interviews for this movie and she wears these pastel colored pantsuits and she looks super amazing!)
  • Anne Hathaway being a self-centered, especially attractive but empty-headed actress character is hands down, my favorite performance in the film.
  • Second fave is Sarah Paulson’s take-charge, suburban mom slash black marketeer. She gets s@&% done.

The bad news:

  • Emotional investment is a little lacking. Everybody’s all caught up in the heist that we never really get that chance to feel attached and connected with any of the women on a deeper level. 
  • There is a lot of moments that feels entirely too concidental and lucky for it to have happened. On one hand I may be nitpicking because clearly the aim of a movie of this sort is not realism.
  • As this is a sort of spin-off, I think the creators felt compelled to follow certain standards for what an Ocean’s Film should be. But I think they should have done something crazier and out of the mold. Like, maybe Gary Ross isn’t the absolute perfect person for an all-female Oceans movie. I mean look at how Thor: Ragnarok did when they got Taika Waititi to make it. Also just a thought, how about getting a female director to do the sequel?
  • I am not sure how I feel about an old Ocean’s character coming to pitch in. I just want this to be done by the 8 ladies. It’s called Ocean’s 8 for chrissakes. This is what I mean by being restricted by and obligated to a franchise.
  • Okay so they kept alluding to Danny Ocean (George Clooney) being dead but maybe not really. But I don’t know. I couldn’t care less. Again, this is them being beholden to the franchise. I think these girls can kick-ass all by themselves.

Fine, I know this is an Ocean’s spin-off. But what I am saying is, I think there is far too much reliance on the previous movies which I think is very unnecessary. Like I said with a cast like this, you don’t need crutches. But in the end this is a really fun film to watch. It is also oozing with charm and warmth and good humor. So for that, I give it a two thumbs up.

Rating: 4/5 Stars 

PS: I heard that there is an all-female spy movie called 355 which stars  Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o and Fan Bingbing! I don’t know when it’ll be out but YAY!

Tell me what you think of Ocean’s 8 guys! And if you could point me to the direction of any amazing female-fronted films you may know of, I will be terribly grateful.

Happy weekend!

2 thoughts on “Review: Ocean’s 8 (2018)

    • If there is one thing I can say, this movie is a blast! I think you’ll enjoy it. I am so happy about nephew, you wouldn’t believe! He had a chance to watch Incredibles with his uncle, but chose to go see Ocean’s with us instead. 😊


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