Review: Incredibles 2 (2018)

Incredibles 2 has been a long time coming! So was it worth the 15-year wait?


The Bad News:

  • It ain’t revolutionary as far as superhero movies go. The premise gives us nothing new really. If you compare it to the first one, it basically walks the same path. They still have to keep superheroing activities under raps. They also still come across a fan(atic), who sort of upends their lives. Not exactly like how Syndrome did it, but you can see the similarities.
  • The villain, Screenslaver didn’t really register to me. Which sucks because I kind of like the “real” person/character behind this alter ego, this said person had the potential to be a layered villain. But see, Screenslaver’s ideologies are cloudy and confusing. He’s rambling on about people being slaves to entertainment? And then talking about how dependent people will become on superheroes if they come back? A villain’s core set of beliefs should be crystal clear so that we can understand what drives him.
  • There are also bits of monologue about values and morals which I think may be an attempt at more emotionl depth, a Pixar movie trademark. But for me it fell flat on it’s face and I wish they’d just let Incredibles 2 be the vibrant ball of fun that it is. I mean not all Pixar films can be Toy Stories, or Inside Outs. And guys, that’s okay.

The Good News:

  • Starts exactly where the first installment (Incredibles (2004) which I rewatched just to refresh me) ended, which is great! It eliminates a possible problematic lenghty exposition on where they’ve been and what they’ve been up to since.
  • My gosh, I feel like animation has improved by leaps and bounds since! Or maybe it’s cause I haven’t seen an animated movie on the big screen in a long while? Anyhu, Incredibles 2 looks vibrant and rich and real and so detailed.
  • Love love the voice over work! Holly Hunter’s voice needs to be insured y’all.
  • Has plenty of good jokes and slapstick that kids will enjoy and won’t make the adults bang their heads on concrete.
  • Love the domestic life sequences! My favorites are:
    • The bit where Mr. Incredible has gone wacko from lack of sleep due to the stress of keeping hearth and home in order. Like when you go from exhausted to hyper-wacko, to exhausted and so on and so forth? Hahahaha.
    • Jack Jack going head to head with a very headstrong racoon! Hahaha. This is one of the best sequences ever. That racoon needs to be given an Oscar.
    • Love the bit where Elastigirl is super excited about how she stopped a crime/disaster and Mr. Incredible is just trying his darndest to control mixed emotions of jealously and frustration and exhaustion! Hahaha.
    • And yay for Edna Mode! She’s fab dahling. And her scenes with Jack Jack are super fun!

Overall, Incredibles 2 is a very strong sequel, it’s funny and warm and a whole lot of fun!  It was definitely worth the 15-year wait!

Rating: 4/5 Stars

3 thoughts on “Review: Incredibles 2 (2018)

    • Hi Keith! Is there a reason why? In my case, I’ve seen plenty of animated films that suffer sequelitis/ sequel syndrome, and they tend to be lazy and repetitive, so I am sometimes wary of anything 2 or 3 or more. But I think Incredibles 2 is worth the money. 🙂

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      • It’s just a taste thing I guess. I don’t get really excited for them. There are some I really like but for some reason I do t gravitate towards them.


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